Time to Begin Anew

It’s 1:30pm on Monday and way past time for me to start getting a game plan going. I had planned a nice little post about why I’ve moved my blog and changed the name, but that’ll have to wait. Suffice to say this blog is now and from henceforth shall be known as Locke’s Journey.

Now, I heard somewhere once that it’s good to have goals and a game plan. I haven’t had a goal in life for a while so why not start with the last one I actually had? Writing.

I love writing and have always had various goals and aspirations for my writing – goals that I later gave up on and let fall by the wayside. Time to pick them back up. Partially because I’m miserable without them, but also because I don’t really see many other alternatives. I tried finding a regular job and now my car has been repossessed. Since I can no longer commute reliably it’s time to find something I can do with little to no commuting. So self-employment it is!

I don’t have the money to eat, so I definitely don’t have the money to reasonably start my writing business back up. (Not that it costs that much. I just don’t have $200 to my name.) But I don’t see any other option.

My current primary goal is $2000 in two weeks, which – in my current state – is unrealistic at best. I need clients before I can start making any money though, and for that I need a portfolio. So goal number one is to create a portfolio.

I used to have a portfolio. In fact I still have the terrible free site it turned into, but the samples are horrendous at best. Unfortunately I lost all my work – gigabytes worth of Word files – when my laptop finally died on me. I’m stuck having to create a portfolio from scratch and hope someone will be willing to hire what they’ll see as an untested, unproven mess of a wanna-be writer. Unfortunately seeming is being, so to say I have a long hard road ahead of me is a massive understatement.

So I’m going to get on that and I’ll update you when I’ve actually accomplished something.


One thought on “Time to Begin Anew

  1. You, good sir, are a rock. I wish you the best of luck in achieving your aspirations and will be patiently (or possibly not so patiently) waiting to read about them!


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