Stories… and an Afterword


I like stories. It doesn’t matter how they’re told. Movies, television, books, music, word-of-mouth, etc, all that matters to me is that the story is interesting. Although, like most people, I have my own particular tastes and proclivities.

One of my biggest biases is towards particular settings. I’m not a big fan of westerns or anything set in the late 1800s/early 1900s. That doesn’t mean I don’t like ANY stories set during those time periods – a good story is a good story and can transcend personal tastes (for instance, I recently saw Blazing Saddles for the first time and loved it) – but I prefer stories that are either set way back in medieval times, the present, or the future.

Actually, if I had to pick, my favorite time period is more Victorian-esque – when firearms start to come to the forefront of conflict but aren’t widely used or even understood. You know, where you have the bird-looking doctor masks and gondolas. Take that setting, put a fantasy spin on it, and you instantly have my full attention.

Speaking of which, I’ve loved fantasy stories since I could look at a book. I’ve always had a love for the supernatural and grew up reading real vampire novels, before the Twilight crap created the vomit-inducing sympathetic teenage-targeted drivel that permeates bookstore shelves today. Back when the only time you would say you were looking for “adult fantasy” is if you were in the “romance” section or a XXX store.

I think I’ve always found fantasy so appealing because of the creativity behind it. You never know what the main character is going to run into next. It could be a megalomaniacal goblin/gnome hybrid or an ice cream addicted yeti in a grocery store (found in Monster by A. Lee Martinez). Anyone who can bring such fantastical creatures and situations to life should be commended.

Not to mention you get all of that infused with magic, which takes on so many different forms. Magic is a great reason to read fantasy novels. No movie or television show I’ve ever seen has really done magic justice. Sure special effects have come a long way, but so many fantasy novels have fresh, fleshed-out takes on magical systems that are so incredibly in-depth and unique that they’d their own movie just to explain. Just check out The Lightbringer series by Brent Weeks for a modern example, who also did a fantastic and simplistic job with it in his debut series The Night Angel Trilogy.

All that being said though, I still love Ender’s Game, The Quick and the Dead, and “Dances with the Devil”.

I think the point I’m trying to make – besides the fact that I love stories – is that I can still like things that fall outside of my own personal preferences. Had I only looked at the things I knew I liked, I’d have missed out on a ton of great content.

Don’t let your own preferences and tastes cause you to miss out on something amazing that could be right in front of you. Don’t let the idea that you “might” not like something cause you to miss out on life, or, in this case, a good story. Take the opportunity to experience rather than avoid and at the very least you’ll be able to give all who ask a firsthand account of your experience.

The Afterword

So um, yea, that was a little random. Honestly, I had no idea where I was going with that until the end. (Did the choppy nature of piece give that away?)

I know I said I’d post every day, but I’ve naturally fallen into every other day and want to at least keep that up for now. Of course, I don’t remember this until it’s already after four in the afternoon and have no clue what I want to post about.

Anyway, what kind of stories do you like most and what mediums do you tend to lean towards? Or do you not care for stories and prefer other forms of entertainment? I promise I won’t bite regardless what your opinion is. Consider the comment section below a judge-free zone.


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