Microtransactions Are Your Fault


I’m looking at all you Oblivion horse armor wearing, Dead Space 3 crafting, Mortal Kombat X fatality cheating, soon-to-be MGS V MB Coin buying gamers. It’s time you quit complaining about microtransactions in games and took responsibility for your purchases.

Remember years ago when games started selling cheap DLC packs? Sometimes they offered minor in-game content, most of the time they sold skins, and every once in a blue moon they offered in-game items, currencies and even experience that made your experience significantly easier. They weren’t called microtransactions, but that’s exactly what they were. Five dollars here, two dollars there. All selling you trinkets to games you already shelled out money for.

I’m not talking about games from last year or even five years ago either – Oblivion had microtransactions back in 2006. For over a decade microtransactions have been available and what has the gaming community done? Eat. It. Up. Shelling out thousands upon thousands of dollars at developers.

Oblivion Horse ArmorTake the horse armor case for instance. People were still buying horse armor DLC five years after the massive amount of “outrage” and “backlash” they got from critics and the gaming community over the armor. Despite the “backlash”, Bethesda has made money hand over fist along with dozens of other developers, proving that the game community at large is actually very okay with microtransactions regardless of the form they take.

Yet everyone still loses their shit every time a new game turns out to have microtransactions. Videos and articles saying “Microtransactions are ruining games!!!!!!!!!” pop up with hundreds of people agreeing in all caps in comment sections across the internet.

We live in a capitalistic world economy. (I’m not listing all the counties that engage in capitalistic practices. All major world powers do, more than likely including wherever you live. It’s a fact. Deal with it.) Businesses operate via profits. If something makes money and continues to do so, it will continue to be provided. If it stops making money, it stops being provided.

The point is, despite all the whining and complaining about microtransactions, they continue to be profitable sources of revenue for game developers and publishers because people like you continue to pay $2.50 for horse armor. As long as people continue to purchase microtransactions, developers will continue to search for more ways they can make a few more dollars out of each title.

Metal Gear Solid V’s MB Coins are just the latest iteration of an issue gamers have already pledged their full support for. I personally think developers have the right to try to make money however they see fit, just as I have the right not to pay them.


One thought on “Microtransactions Are Your Fault

  1. I agree, it’s not often that I purchase micro transactions. When I do its because the game itself was free and I’d like to support the developers. Most games are playable fine without the extra stuff and in multiplayer games it can create a rift between people who spend extra money and people who don’t. Why are we purposefully causing more unfairness in an already unfair world?

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