Live and Let Live (Unedited)


I’m actually a really easy person to work with – at least I think so – because I have a very live and let live outlook on life. I don’t think getting flustered or upset makes for a productive or efficient work environment. There’s no reason to get mad when things don’t go your way or workout perfectly, because more often than not they don’t – hence the whole “best laid plans…” saying/cliché.

That doesn’t mean I don’t get irritated by things – as anyone who known me for a little while can attest to. It just means I don’t let a lot of issues bother me to the point that they ruin my day or life experience in general.

A perfect example happened earlier today.

I decided to go to Subway to get a sandwich, because rationing out one foot-long sub works really well at making sure I don’t feel hungry throughout the day and I have no reliable way to get to a grocery store or store groceries in my present situation. (Subway is the only thing in walking distance.) I went at 9am, looking to eat half a sandwich for a late breakfast/early lunch of sorts and the other half around 3-4. However, it was closed.

This was rather odd seeing as how the hours of operation clearly stated it was supposed to open at 7am. I shrugged, went back home, waited a bit, and tried again at 10am. The store was open, but the employees were clearly super behind on their daily routines. They didn’t have items set out, couldn’t find the right sized gloves, it was a mess and clearly getting a sandwich was going to take a while.

To me, this isn’t a big deal. Granted, I don’t have anything pressing going on, but even if I did I wouldn’t be bothered. Life happens. Who knows why they were late? Who cares?

The guy who walked in behind me cared. “I need this to be quick guys,” he bolstered, which didn’t make things easier on the guy behind the counter. To make the process easier I let the man in front of me, but he continued to rant about the speed of the workers throughout the creation of his meal.

It took about 15 minutes for them to get everything together, which really wasn’t that bad. The man got his sandwich and left in a bad mood while I patiently directed the employee through the creation of my own.

When it came time to ring me up, my combo meal that usually costs $9 came out to $3. The employee used his own discount to help me out, thanking me profusely for being nice and patient.

There are two lessons to be learned here.

  1. Don’t piss off people who work with food. (Seriously, only an idiot gets irate with food workers.)
  2. Be nice, have a little patience, and good things will happen.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten free food, drinks and other items simply because I wasn’t an asshole – and I never asked for any of it. All because I don’t see why I should get upset about something that’s outside of my control.

It’s easier to say, “Live and let live,” than to actually live that way. I’ve met plenty of people who claim to have the same sort of outlook on life but get irritated and upset at the first sign of any little thing not going their way. I think life for everyone would be a lot better if people stopped getting so concerned and worked up about issues that didn’t directly affect them or fell outside their realm of control.

Then again I more than make up for the difference with occasional irrational irritation at video games…


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