An Actual Update


Alright, take two.

I started writing an update article but was rambling so much that it was quickly becoming gibberish nonsense that primarily consisted of me arguing with myself. So, instead of talking through everything, let’s just go with a bulleted highlight recap:

  • I meant to write a gaming article last week and did so, but decided it’d be better served on instead of this blog site and the editor agreed. You can expect to see an article entitled “Elo Rating Systems are Terrible for MOBAs” on soon.
  • I’ve been thinking about streaming but don’t have a second monitor with which to manage the stream from. I don’t want to buy a second monitor because it wouldn’t be a prudent decision given my current living arrangements and hate playing games in windowed mode with a passion
  • Creating YouTube content has also crossed my mind as an idea, but I feel like such a pursuit would wind up frivolous because I don’t have an established following or the equipment to make videos up to today’s average standards.
  • I took down my Patreon and donation sidebar items because it seemed like the thing to do.

Games I’ve Been Playing

So I quit playing SMITE and have switched back to CS:GO for my competitive fix, although I’m not playing it much. The article that’s coming out for soon sort of highlights why I decided to stop playing SMITE again, but I need some sort of competitive multiplayer game in my repertoire to keep me sane.

I recently picked up and have played a bit of Secrets of Grindea. The game is awesome and I’d highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys ARPGs. My only issue is that the game’s still heavily in development and isn’t set to be finished any time soon. There are a lot of “_______ is not yet implemented” features and sections of the game, but it’s still a lot of fun and I’d say worth the price tag – especially if you have friends who like to jump in games with you.

I got The Escapists while it was on sale and have been pretty bored by it so far. It’s a nice little game, I just don’t think it’s for me. Although I’ve only played for an hour or so and definitely owe it a bit more time and effort than I was ready to give when I first sat down with it.

That being said, the next game I’m looking to dive into is Resident Evil 4. I’ve always heard it was the best in the series and like what little I’ve seen of it over the years. It seems like a perfect title to finally experience given my hardware limitations and it was really cheap to get the PC version, so I picked it up and intend to play through it starting today.

Last week I played a bit of Invisible Inc, which is a great game but not exactly what I expected. Is it just me or are games intentionally forgoing story nowadays? I’ve had a lot of fun with Invisible Inc., but I’m burned out on all things procedurally generated and just can’t seem to get really invested in it knowing I’m supposed to lose and start all over again.

Aside from those titles I’m still occasionally chipping away at Agarest: Generations of War, although that might get put on hold indefinitely after Disgaea PC comes out tomorrow. I played Disgaea 3 a few years ago and absolutely loved the game’s quirky nature. I’m looking forward to finally playing its predecessor and hopefully the rest of the Disgaea series will find its way onto PCs soon too. I’m not going to get the game as soon as it comes out though. I’ll wait to see if the port is good and for a price drop. Wouldn’t want to end up with a shitty port like Tales of Symphonia – which I hope they fix because I’d really like to play that game too. Let’s just hope Square doesn’t botch the soon-to-be-released FF IX PC port.

Anyway, that’s what’s going on at the moment. I’m looking to have another actual gaming article up later this week.

Take it easy until next time.


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