The All Encompassing Update


I wanted to write an article about how narrative in gaming isn’t what it used to be and how the recent release of hit console RPG and visual novel ports on PC showed that gamers were still hungry for story-driven games, but that’s not really true. We still get video games with unique and memorable narratives each year, like Undertale, we just also get a lot more games in general too.

The Disgaea and Final Fantasy franchises didn’t have nearly as much competition as they do now. It’s easy to remember all the great stories we’ve been blessed with over the years and forget just how much time passed between each game. We’ve routinely had new Metal Gears, Personas, Bioshocks, and a plethora of other titles that have kept us intrigued in a veritable cornucopia of unique narratives over the years.

Ultimately I decided to scrap the article idea and I’m now in the process of thinking of something else for this week. In the meantime you can check out my newest gaming article – i.e. the one I wrote last week – on

I played around with the possibility of creating a YouTube video of Resident Evil 4 today and was significantly stopped in my tracks. Apparently I can’t record RE4 without it going slow-mo on me. Long story short, my laptop apparently can’t handle running RE4 smoothly at 30 FPS and recording it at the same time.

The general idea was to start a sort of Let’s Play series of RE4 and slowly move from there, but since that’s not a possibility I’ll have to think of something else. (Maybe a Disgaea PC Let’s Play series?) I’m not a big fan of Let’s Plays in general, but it’s a good jumping off point for getting back into YouTube content creation and doesn’t require a major commitment to editing like a video with a bunch of cut together footage and spliced audio.

Unfortunately my laptop’s prowess isn’t the only issue. The internal mic I was looking to use to record voice over is much worse than I thought it’d be. I sound like I’m trying to talk to viewers from the opposite side of a wide canyon, echo and all. Clearly I need something better, but a headset with a halfway decent microphone wouldn’t cost much or have the same movability issues that a second monitor would. I’m currently warring with myself over potentially purchasing a proper headset.

RE4 is fun but the controls are very odd and irritating to get used to. I’m using an Xbox controller I borrowed from a friend, so it’s not as bad as I’m sure a mouse and keyboard would be, but I wish I could re-map some of the controls to feel more natural and FPS-like. The camera is zoomed so far up the protagonist’s butt that it might as well be in first person.

My restraint to buy Disgaea PC is waning by the second. Each review that says it’s a quality, serviceable port makes me more inclined to pick it up. Although, if I could choose any game to play right this moment it’d be Disgaea 5 on the PS4. But, as the Stones said…


One thought on “The All Encompassing Update

  1. It would be great to see you back on YouTube!
    The trailer for Disgaea PC looks like the game is hilarious (I haven’t played any of the originals). I will probably buy it, been trying to find something I can fall into without getting immediately distracted. It’s different from everything else I’ve tried recently, might work.
    I hope you find a solution to the microphone/multiple monitor issue. I hope CS:GO continues to keep you sane. 😉


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