Coming Soon to an Internet Near You (Unedited)


I’m going to post something else later today, meaning this update post will probably wind up buried and seen by very few people, but it’s been a while since I wrote an update so I figured I should do so.

On the Work Front

Work is going well and if this trend continues I’ll be looking pretty good come April/May. Balancing work and personal career pursuits is working out fairly well too.

On the Video Creation Front

Speaking of, the transition into video creation has been pretty smooth thus far. I worked out the kinks in the Disgaea PC series quickly and I felt like the ShellShock Live first impressions video went pretty well. Granted these are pretty quick and easy videos to make.

Views are pretty low but that’s to be expected and not the current focus of the channel. The focus is to get used to regularly putting on content and increasing the overall production quality.

My next goals are to create a review video for Stardew Valley and bring back my genre gaming series. For those who don’t know or remember, when I was making videos last year I created a series that gamers about a particular gaming genre and gave them a top five list of games that offer a good taste into said genre. It’s a bit heavy on the production side, requiring video content from at least 5 games and a script, but it’s something I haven’t really seen done and content that provides a good amount of useful information/sustenance gamers can use to expand their gaming horizons.

I’ll also need to start creating title and end cards soon as things pick up, but I’m more focused on the actual content itself rather than making it nice or marketable at the moment.

I’m also still looking into streaming and might do a trial stream soon by using my phone to monitor Twitch chat. If that goes well I should have the funds to buy a monitor from a pawn shop and affordably set up a dual monitor system to stream regularly with.

On the Writing Front

I wrote a “professional” – meaning no use of first person – review of Stardew Valley that has been doing pretty well despite my utter lack of marketing. I think the review came out well, despite having to be intentionally vague so as not to spoil the game.

“The Real Problem with Mannequins in Fallout 4” stays getting regular traffic and the first couple weeks of every month garners a spike for “Is Humble Monthly Worth It?” The latter isn’t surprising seeing as how I intended for the SEO on that article to do well, but the staying power of the Fallout 4 article is a bit odd. I like both articles and feel they’re still relevant, so traffic focusing on them isn’t really a concern.

I’m currently working on an article about game key grey markets, like G2A and Kinguin, that will be followed up with an article concerning legal, affordable gaming on a budget – basically following up with whole Broke Gaming motif I’m trying to cultivate.

Creating a Website

For the past few weeks I’ve been looking into starting my own gaming site and may be able to pull the trigger on the project soon. I’m still a little uncertain as to whether or not I should do it because it’d be an enormous undertaking – from the initial web work to the regular updates – but I’m leaning more towards the side of taking the plunge and should have the funds to get it going soon.

Anyway, this post is already longer than intended and three hours later to publish due to some work-based emergencies and spontaneous meetings. I’m going to post this without proofreading – hence the “Unedited” bit in the title – and will hopefully still be able to get out the next article post later today. If that’s not possible I’ll post the next installment of the Disgaea playthrough a bit earlier than intended instead.

Hope everyone’s having a good day. Until next time, take it easy.





3 thoughts on “Coming Soon to an Internet Near You (Unedited)

  1. I’m excited to see you back on twitch! Hopefully using your phone works well.

    Glad you are finally considering the website idea. I know you can do it, and well.

    I hope making content for all of us is fun besides being a lot of work.


    1. If I didn’t enjoy doing it and and want to turn it into a career I wouldn’t have come back to it when the shit hit the fan or even remotely considered making my own site at all. I’ve built and run sites before. I understand the business and the amount of work involved in making it successful, the fickle nature of the internet and the massive gamble that having a web based business entails, which is why it’s not a decision I’m making lightly.

      If it wasn’t something I enjoyed, if the desire to pursue such a career was more “want” or “it’d be nice” instead of an innate need, then I’d get some 9-5 to barely get by with and that’d be that. But that’s not me. It never has been and my life has never worked out that way.

      I’ve learned that hitting the ground running isn’t always the best tactic. A slow build creating a solid foundation is better for longevity, and that’s what I’m working on.


  2. Haha, I know you can do it well. And I know you usually have fun. But I also know how much hard work it is and I wish you luck in balancing that. 🙂


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