Broke Gaming Presents… Disgaea PC – Part 6

It’s the second part of the item world! Will we make it? Is there a boss at the end? Watch now to find out!


9 thoughts on “Broke Gaming Presents… Disgaea PC – Part 6

  1. Hi, just was wondering what you thought of the game overall. I am a huge Disgaea fan and have played the original on couple of platforms. So i was wondering what makes the PC version special


    1. I enjoyed the game overall. It runs smoothly on PC and is remastered to make the game look more colorful, but you can turn off the improvements and play the game as it was originally created.

      The primary purpose of the PC version is just to port the game to PC. A lot of people didn’t play it long ago and/or don’t have a Playstation set up to play it with today. So, in order to make some fairly quick money, the publisher paid a team to give the game a bit of a facelift and put it on Steam.

      If you browse Steam you’ll see a lot of older games, particularly JRPGs, that have gotten the same treatment and more are sure to follow.

      As to the game itself, it was fun and nice to see where the series started from. Although I’m enjoying Disgaea 5 on the PS4 now.

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      1. Does the game support keyboard and mouse at all? One major problem I had with returning to Disgaea 1 after playing the sequels was the slow move speed, hope they added new move speed like the newer ones. Lastly do you lnow if it is port of the PSP version or DS version? DS had more content like having Adell, Rozzy and Pleinair as recruitable characters. Sorry for a loaded question.


      2. Sorry I’m responding so late. For some reason I didn’t receive and email notifications of your response and kinda let this fall into disrepair since.

        To answer your questions, the game does support keyboard and mouse but is much easier to play with a controller. From what I understand, the port is tailored from the PSP version.

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      3. It looks like it’s going to be a really good port and comes out two days after may birthday, but two weeks after that is Persona 5 and hopefully I’ll still have my PS4 then. So I’m not sure if I’ll get around to it when it releases but I’ll definitely pick it up some time.

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