No More Midnight Launches?


There were at least 150 people in line for the midnight launch of Final Fantasy XV at my nearby Gamestop. I was number 117 and had the game in my hands by 12:06am. After waiting for my Uber and downloading the 9.4GB Day One update, I was finally able to dive into the game at a little past one in the morning.

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Rapid Fire Reviews


Ever feel like what you’re aspiring towards amounts to little more than practiced futility? If so then maybe you understand why I’ve been gone for so long. If not, what does it matter? I’d rather not recap the last little while of my life. That’s not why I’ve sat down to write today.

Instead, I want to give you a little recap of what I’ve been playing and burn through what I’m calling ‘Rapid Fire Reviews’. I’ll list the name of the game, give a one word rating, then further expound upon that one word for those of you who don’t just skim through content and actually bother to read.

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