Final Fantasy XV’s Misuse of Achievements


(There are no spoilers in this article.)

Even as ignored as they are, achievements have had a substantial impact on gaming over the last decade. They can serve a myriad of functions, from keeping players invested for longer than usual with a steady drip of accolades to encouraging exploration and self-induced difficulty settings like Dishonored’s ‘Mostly Flesh and Steel’. Yet for some reason even the most practiced and highly regarded developers don’t seem to understand how to utilize achievements effectively.

Final Fantasy XV is a great example of how achievements can be overlooked and misused. Most of the achievements are story-based and many others are “do X for the first time.” Very few require any bit of end game content or even mild exploration, making it fairly easy to stumble your way into getting all of the achievements shortly after you see the end credits. You can get all of the achievements in about 50 – 60 hours, which is incredibly short for an RPG that has Final Fantasy in the title.

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Final Fantasy XV: Where Innovation and Nostalgia Meet (Spoiler Free)


(There are no spoilers in this review.)

After 63 hours of gameplay and my first platinum trophy ever, I can safely say that Final Fantasy XV is a return to form for Square Enix and one of the greatest main installments of the franchise. While nostalgia will keep it from gracing the top of many older fan favorite lists (myself included, FF IX will always be #1 to me), it could easily become the widely talked about favorite for the next generation of Final Fantasy fans.

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Rapid Fire Reviews


Ever feel like what you’re aspiring towards amounts to little more than practiced futility? If so then maybe you understand why I’ve been gone for so long. If not, what does it matter? I’d rather not recap the last little while of my life. That’s not why I’ve sat down to write today.

Instead, I want to give you a little recap of what I’ve been playing and burn through what I’m calling ‘Rapid Fire Reviews’. I’ll list the name of the game, give a one word rating, then further expound upon that one word for those of you who don’t just skim through content and actually bother to read.

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Why FF IX is the Best, and FF XII Wasn’t Bad

FF IX Lead Picture

I’m a huge Final Fantasy fan. I used to be a huge Final Fantasy fan.

Remember the Playstation 1 demo discs that had twenty-some-odd games on them? My family had one with the FF VII demo on it that I played over and over again. Every time we went to Babbage’s (yeah, we’re talking long ago in a time far far removed from today) I would beg and plead my parents to let me get the full game. But it was rated M, and I probably heard five “No”s for every time I played the demo. Then, after wearing my parents down for years – although it was probably only one or two – I was finally allowed to purchase my very first Final Fantasy game.

It was everything my prepubescent mind hyped it up to be. I became an instant fan and played every Final Fantasy game I could get my hands on from that point on – yep, even the FF XI mmo.

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