Indivisible Gets Funded For $1.5 Million


Last month I wrote about a game called Indivisible and Lab Zero’s, its developer, ambitious goal of raising $1.5 million to make a $3.5 million game. Today they reached their Indiegogo goal with only a couple days left on their extension.

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Why You Should Fund Indivisible


(12/2/15 Edit: Indivisible has been funded!)

AAA games aren’t innovative. By definition they can’t be. The primary purpose of big name titles is to invest exorbitant amounts of cash to obtain even more, and the safer a large investment is the better. That’s not to say AAA games have never been innovative or pushed the gaming industry forward, but more often than not it’s smaller indie titles like Indivisible that remind us there’s still room for gaming innovation without the need for extra sensory peripherals. Continue reading “Why You Should Fund Indivisible”