The Hard Truth About G2A, Kinguin and Grey Market Keys


Disclaimer: This article is not one sided. It looks at both sides of the issue and lays out the truth as presented by the facts of the matter. Those looking for confirmation bias one way or the other may want to look elsewhere.

Full disclosure, I’ve purchased keys from G2A before. Hell, over the last few months I’ve easily gotten 20 to 30 games from G2A, if not more.

To put this article into perspective, I didn’t look into G2A, Kinguin and grey market key sites in general to soothe some aching moral dilemma that keeps me up at night. You could show me proof positive that every game key I’ve ever gotten from grey markets was originally stolen and I wouldn’t care. (Although I know they weren’t.) I didn’t steal it and, unlike some people who speak out against grey market sites, I don’t have the luxury of turning down $15,000 in advertising deals and still being able to live comfortably with a $5,000 PC gaming rig.

I looked into these grey market stores because I got tired of hearing ignorant, regurgitated answers whenever the topic came up. “Oh, don’t buy from G2A. All their game keys come from third world countries and anyone who buys from them is hurting the industry at large.” If that’s true then how the hell are these sites still around, let alone thriving? How do they have a partnership with other big name corporate entities like Amazon and Google, or with developers like Hi-Rez Studios and Team 17?

It’s hard to ignore their prices are too good to be true, but there had to be more to the story than what naysayers would have me believe. So I took a hard look at the issue myself and here’s what I found.

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