The Real Problem with Mannequins in Fallout 4


My Fallout 4 Surivival mode review is growing to epic proportions. There’s so much to talk about that I’ve decided to tackle one topic outside the review proper – the mannequins.

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To Dogmeat!


Alright! Let’s load up Fallout! Click play on Steam… Let’s hit new game… Oh man, these animations are pretty solid for 1997… Character created, Locke is ready to go… Aw yeah, I’m in a cave… uh… um… Someone want to tell me how to shoot?!

That encapsulates my first few moments with Fallout. I was thrown into a cave with some basic equipment and a time sensitive task. No tutorial, no overview of the controls, nothing. I had to learn how to do even the simplest tasks in the game the hard way, through trial-and-error.

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