What Is This?

Hello and welcome to Locke’s Journey!Picture of Locke Writing

I’m Locke Kosta, a writer, a gamer, an analytical human being.

What you’ve stumbled across is a site I started after hitting rock bottom and falling through the floor. The catalyst to this site’s creation was the loss my job – a job I dropped out of college to pursue and went all-in on. To be completely honest, I wasn’t happy with the job or life in general. It wasn’t what I wanted to do with my life, but the siren-esque call of financial security proved too alluring to pass up.

When I traded my freelance roller-coaster for corporate financial security, my writing went along with it. People didn’t pay attention to my literary work and I had a new career path. A day without writing turned into a week, then a month, and before I knew it I was jobless and hadn’t written anything in about a year.

I spiraled into a depression of sorts and literally lost my will to live. It sounds more morbid than it was. I wasn’t suicidal, I just didn’t care about my own well-being anymore. The days bled away into months. Bills piled up, my car was repossessed, my savings shriveled up and blew away and right now each day I don’t get evicted is a blessing.

Explosion PicAfter a couple months of apathetic self-destruction something snapped. I looked around for a regular 9 to 5 for a few weeks before it became evident I wasn’t going to get one. My car was repossessed around the same time, making the prospect of a regular 9 to 5 even more difficult to realize, so I decided to turn towards the familiar.

Before the rise and fall of my financial security, I was a freelance writer and web developer (mostly writer). I’d run out of options and grown sick of leaving my financial future in the hands of retail management, waiting for interview calls that never came. It was time to take hold of the reins and start building myself back up brick by brick.

This site is where I started writing again. It began as a personal journal of sorts and, regardless of where my momentary focus may lie, it will always serve that purpose.

This is where I found my voice again.

This is where I was reminded of that teenage boy who used to write just because it felt right.

And this is where I plan to ensure I never forget that again.

I’m on a journey now. A journey to financial freedom through my passionate interests – through my writing.

I invite you, the reader, to join me on my journey. Here you’ll find updates on where I’m at in my life, philosophic pieces about my ideals and opinions, and of course gaming articles because, as I mentioned before, I am a gamer.

I like stories, so I’m sharing mine. And I hope to see yours in the comments.

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy.


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