KotOR 2: A Study on Rushed Development

Kotor 2

(Special thanks to Fh2Hi for gifting KotOR 2 and making this possible.)

I’m not a major Star Wars fan. I’ve watched the movies, played a few games and even read a few Star Wars books back when I was younger, but I’m far removed from anything that resembles a Star Wars fan-boy.

I wrote the previous article, KOTOR: A Study in Gaming Longevity, because I was fascinated with how long the game had remained relevant in the gaming community. Sure, there are games that have existed longer and are still popular to this day but it’s a game released in my lifetime, I remember the release hype surrounding it and seeing it run Day 1. I was in a unique position to play it a decade later and discover if the game still held up or if it was fondly remembered due to the Star Wars trademark and nostalgia factor. I had no biases.

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KOTOR: A Study in Gaming Longevity

KOTOR Title Pic

If you’ve been following my blog then you’re probably aware that I’ve fallen upon some hard times. The only real items of value I have left are my laptop and the clothes on my back. It’s during hard times such as these that gaming can be a massive comfort, quieting the stomach rumblings and pulling your mind off to a galaxy far far away.

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