What IS and ISN’T Journalism


Some of my articles for MMOs.com have come under fire for being “poor journalism” and “lacking journalistic integrity”. It’s a trend I’ve seen rising in gaming content comment sections ever since Gamergate put a spotlight on video game journalism in general. The problem is that 99% of these comments are ignorant derisive statements made by people who clearly don’t have a clue as to what IS and ISN’T journalism. As a fan and student of journalism for over 10 years, I feel compelled to at least attempt to educate the general public on this issue.

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Humble Monthly Gets Better

Humble Monthly Gets Better Picture of Games

Last month I wrote about my experience with Humble Monthly – Humble Bundle’s Lootcrate-like monthly subscription service that offers gamers a randomized goodie bag of PC games on the first Friday of each month. I wasn’t happy with the result, which felt incredibly lackluster compared to Humble Bundle’s usual offerings. However the charity-focused gaming bundle distribution site came out swinging with its second Humble Monthly package.

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A Pitch Black Interview Concerning Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon Pitch Black Mod Title Screen

(You can listen to the interview via the Soundcloud file at the end of the article.)

Remember when modding used to be something you rarely heard about? For many gamers the idea of altering their favorite games outside of what the official developers may have intended is still a foreboding concept, but modding is hardly the back alley scene of potential computer ruining programs it’s often painted as.

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The Necessity of Boob Jiggle Physics


Mabinogi Duels is recently released, well-crafted mobile MMOTCG. It focuses around a unique card game where players start with their entire decks in their hands, has a beautifully crafted UI that should be utilized in more applications, and features a unique graphical style that’ll probably keep you playing long after you tire of the repetitive gameplay. Oh, and it also has boob jiggle physics.

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