FCC, HDN, and the ACHB


(Free SEO Advice: Don’t use acronyms in your title like this unless it’s more popular than the words it stands for.)

Sorry it’s been a while. Ever since December 29th, 2016 I’ve been either coding or learning code 12+ hours a day. I finally decided to take a bit of a break yesterday, which involved only about 6 hours of coding. It’s become an impulsive habit for me to wake up in the morning and at least complete an algorithm challenge or some work on a project before I even brush my teeth or take a shower.

My coding efforts have been focused around FreeCodeCamp.com (aka FCC). At this rate I should complete the Front End Development Certificate by January 16th or so. The major deciding factor will depend on how anal I am about my portfolio project, which I’m going to do last so I can make it as nice as possible and fill it with the FCC projects I think an employer might find worthwhile.

Looking for Work in All the Wrong Places?

Of course, I’ve been constantly looking for a job to stave off being homeless come Feburary 1st. The rampant lack of business professionalism has been getting in the way though. Twice I’ve had prospective employers set dates and times for phone interviews and neither have called. Whenever I try reaching out to them either the contact information they provided is false or they’re conspicuously never in the office. And that’s what I get from the 1% who actually reply to my applications.

I don’t understand why someone with my skillset has difficulty finding a job. I know computers inside and out, write better than the majority of people, can code in a variety of different languages, am up-to-date on the latest and most proven white hat SEO tactics available, and have an intimate understanding of online marketing that I can use to increase revenue for just about any internet business – whether their model is ad-based or not.

I even have references, samples and a resume to back those claims up!

Admittedly I’m not great with office politics and whatnot, but I’ve learned from past experience to keep my head down and shut up. (Some employers will say they want employees who contribute but every time I’ve come across such people they’ve turned out to be hypocrites who really only want yes-men and women.


Gaming Situation

I sold my PS4 so I could eat. My peanut butter and jelly rations finally ran out. I was going to have to sell it soon regardless anyway so it’s no big deal.

My last article about guilty pleasure games made me want to hop back into Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1, which is one of the few 3D games that runs well on my laptop – making it a prime candidate. I restarted the game yesterday during my coding break and plan to play it whenever I have a bit of extra time. It’ll take a while considering how little I’m playing right now as I try to dig myself out of the financial hole I’ve dug myself into, but I’m determined to actually beat the game this time around. In just a couple hours I’ve almost gotten back to where I was initially.


Assassin’s Creed Humble Bundle

Update/Edit: IT’S A TRAP! I just noticed you have to redeem the games on Uplay. If you value your sanity, DON’T DO IT!

I was toying with writing an article about the Assassin’s Creed franchise since Humble Bundle recently released a bundle that offers just about every AC game ever made, but I’ve decided to add those thoughts here instead.

First and foremost, the bundle is an excellent option for anyone who hasn’t played the AC series. For $15 you’ll get a lot of the games, with the notable exception of Black Flag, and most of them a fun time.

The one thing you have to remember about AAA titles is that the word-of-mouth they receive is generated at launch. When people say Assassin’s Creed Unity is a bad game, they’re opinion is generally colored by hype train expectations and its buggy release. If you like the AC franchise then you’ll probably find something to like about all of the games in the bundle – and if you discover you don’t like it then you’re not out very much money.

Personally I can attest to Brotherhood and AC II being great games. AC III was good but not memorable, and, while I’ve never played it, the AC Chronicles series has received favorable reviews and looks like a quality 2D version of AC. The first game will always have a special place in my heart but the game is incredibly grindy and one-note, which is why most people haven’t beaten it. (I beat it when it came out and loved every minute though. ^^)

The Assassin’s Creed franchise is the prime example of games industry greed ruining a good thing. The neigh-on yearly release of sequels and spinoffs oversaturated the market with an ever increasing myriad of rushed titles that ultimately culminated in the shit show that was Assassin’s Creed Unity’s release. If Ubisoft wants to turn the franchise back into the mega giant it once was, the publisher needs to let the franchise breathe – especially after the poor performance of the live action movie, which still hasn’t made back its budget and currently has a 17% critic score and a 58% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

I’ll Be Back (Hopefully Soon)

That’s all I have to talk about right now. If the mood hits I’ll write about something. If not and you don’t see anything for six more days, it’s because I’m caught up coding.

Comments, criticisms and suggestions are appreciated as always.

Have a nice day.



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