Steam Winter Sale 2016: Top 10 FPS


I’m sorry this wasn’t out sooner. Truthfully I wasn’t going to write anymore of these lists because people don’t seem to like them and the traffic bump from shameless SEO abuse isn’t that satisfying for me. (Of course I don’t mind doing it for clients, but for my own work I prefer real traffic.) But I think these lists are helpful, if for no other reason than to introduce you to games you may not have heard of or remembered.

Let’s cover a quick recap of the factors involved in the list before jumping in:

  • Discount percentage
  • Each game’s overall quality
  • Lack of popularity (Don’t expect to see The Witcher 3, Skyrim, etc. Most of you have already gotten and played them or know you don’t want to.)
  • My subjective opinion of each game (Duh!)

Got it? Good.

Oh, and don’t forget the sale ends Jan 2nd, 2017.


  1. Insurgency (80% Off, $1.99)

I didn’t play Insurgency very long, but I’ve known plenty of people who love it. If CoD and Battlefield had a baby, Insurgency would be their hipster child. It’s a very pure minimalistic modern shooter. You get the gameplay of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, albeit without kill streak rewards, coupled with the objective-focused nature of the Battlefield series. For $2, it’s at least checking out and trying for yourself.


  1. Chivalry: Medieval Warfare (90% Off, $2.49)

My biggest concern with recommending this game is its player population. Chivalry is a multiplayer-focused entry like our last entry, but it’s also been around two years longer and I’m not sure if its player-base is still thriving or extinct. Regardless, it’s an innovative game featuring medieval combat where players hack-and-slash their way to victory against each other. You can cut off heads and limbs, or sit back and try to stick people with arrows from a distance. It may not be 100% realistic, but Chivalry is one of the closest realistic portrayals of medieval combat and a damn good time to boot.


  1. Depth (66% Off, $6.79)

Remember the asymmetrical multiplayer craze of a couple years ago? You know, before Evolve had to go ruining it for everyone? Depth is an asymmetrical multiplayer game where a group of treasure hunting divers have to protect themselves against a few murderous sharks as they try to extract their riches from the shipwreck-filled ocean floor. The game saw a massive surge of popularity upon initial release that died off rather quickly, but if you didn’t get a chance to check it out in 2014 then now’s definitely the time to do so.


  1. WASTED (60% Off, $5.19)

WASTED’s bobbleheaded Borderlands-inspired cellshaded graphics are what keeps it from being higher on this list. This game isn’t for everyone, but if you like the Borderlands series then it’s a game you have to check out. It’s a rouge-lite humorous FPS that feels like it was made by die-hard fans of the Borderlands franchise. If nothing else, it’ll likely keep your attention for at least 5 hours – justifying the $5 price tag.


  1. Singularity (75% Off, $7.49)

You won’t see Singularity gracing anyone’s “Best Games of All-Time” list – or probably any positive list outside of this one – but it’s not a bad game. If anything it’s a victim of today’s mindset that a game has to be mind-blowingly amazing or it’s a failure. Singularity is a solid FPS with a decent story and well worth $7.49. It’s just good, and good is worth playing.


  1. Bulletstorm (75% Off, $4.99)

You’ll forget the story and characters in Bulletstorm as soon as you exit out of the game. What you won’t forget is slide kicking an enemy in the balls and making him fly into a massive wall of spikes while you blow his buddies to kingdom come. At least, that’s what I remember doing five years after the game’s release. It likely won’t keep your attention for long and doesn’t require a massive time investment – like just about every game on the RPG list – but it’s worth $5 for some high-octane catharsis that’ll satiate the mass murderer inside you for a bit longer.


  1. Rage (67% Off, $3.29)

I don’t understand what some people have against Rage. Maybe they just have a natural aversion to aggressive titles. Whatever the case, I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the game. It’s essentially Fallout-Lite with a Mad Max coat of paint. It’s not perfect, doesn’t have nearly the same depth as the modern Fallout game, and is very forgettable, but it’s still a fun wild ride. If you’re a fan of the modern Fallout series, i.e. Fallout 3 or 4, then you’ll probably have a fun time with Rage. I wouldn’t have recommended the game for $60, but it’s definitely worth $3.


  1. Doom (67% Off, $19.79)

To be clear, we’re talking about the most recent iteration of Doom – not the 1993 original. While I haven’t had a chance to play it personally, nearly every gaming critic has gushed over Doom as one of the best games of 2016. It certainly looks impressive, and 67% off a AAA title that came out in May of this year is a phenomenal deal. If you’re a fan of shooters and gore-fests, this one’s for you.


  1. Half-Life Complete (88% Off, $7.25)

If you haven’t played Half-Life or Half-Life 2, you need to stop reading this immediately and GO PLAY IT NOW! Seriously, there’s a reason people are still clamoring for Half-Life 3 over a decade after the last game. What’s truly impressive is how well the games still hold-up even with sorely outdated graphics. Yes, Black Mesa is a remake of Half-Life with updated graphics, but you should still play these games for the first time as they were originally made and intended. They’ll still leave a memorable mark on your immortal gaming soul to this day.


  1. Bioshock (50% Off, $9.99)

Yep, I’m making it the #1 of another list. Bioshock is that damn good! Seriously, why haven’t you played the original Bioshock yet? Forget the dimensional bullshit from Infinite and immerse yourself in one of the greatest stories ever told in gaming. This game is a masterpiece and you’re doing yourself a disservice as a fan of gaming by not at least giving it a chance.


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